My Short Trip to Barcelona

It’s been a while since my last post – not because I forgot about my blog, but because I’ve been busy working, going to music festivals and seeing the world.

One of these adventures I’ve been having was a two day trip to Barcelona, a city I’d never been to before, but had heard much about. Unsure of quite what to expect, I packed my bags and hopped on a plane with my brother and my father, ready to discover this unknown place.

The minute I set foot in it, I knew that I was going to like it. Barcelona is one of the most populated Spanish cities and with the large number of tourists adding to the crowd, it’s full, loud, slightly overwhelming, but not at all hectic or uncomfortable. Fortunately for us, the sun shone brightly, but it wasn’t too hot to bustle through the streets all day (and part of the night).

Of course, two days weren’t long enough to get to know Barcelona, but the time sufficed to get an impression of it. Although the architecture is beautiful and the food wonderful, what makes Barcelona so amazing is, in my opinion, the atmosphere, which you seem to breathe in and keep inside you until you leave. The electric energy is as much a part of Barcelona as the buildings, the markets or the tapas.

That may be because of the large amount of cultures that crash into each other. With people from all over the world coming together to admire the city, different styles and ideas become one and creating a powerful form of variety. This phenomenon is interesting to watch, especially for someone who is interested in fashion, like myself. Except for the platform sandals that seemingly everyone was wearing, there was everything from exotic dresses to colorful hot pants to wildly patterned blouses.


Despite this atmosphere, the architecture is fascinating as well and cannot go unmentioned. Gaudi’s buildings are most prominent and most frequently visited by tourists. His style is similar to Hundertwasser’s – colorful and uneven – but is has something fairy-tale-like to it that Hundertwasser didn’t create. Because of our limited time, we didn’t go into any of the buildings (the waiting lines went around a couple of blocks), but just admiring them from outside was enough to become a little breathless and dizzy.

Not only Gaudi’s buildings are beautiful, however – the entire city has been influenced by his creativity and, no matter, where you look, you are struck by the unbelievable individuality and beauty of the houses.

IMG_1231 IMG_1239 IMG_1247 IMG_1299

On the second day, we went to the beach, which is surrounded by bars, friendly people and skaters, giving it a bit of a Hollywood-movie-vibe. The water is warm and comfortable and the waves the right size to feel the nature of the sea, but not too high to become a nuisance for families with small children.

As a vegetarian, I have to admit, finding food was a bit difficult for me. Most meals are either with fish or with meat and there is no description of what is in the tapas in the bars. I didn’t go hungry, though, and what I did eat was of good quality.

As mentioned before, my vacation to Barcelona was too brief to get to know it. But judging by what I saw and felt, it has become one of my favorite European cities. It’s unique and symbolizes an untraditional, individual form of beauty. For anyone who’s looking for their next vacation destination, Barcelona is definitely worth your consideration!


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