Favorite Beauty Products

A list of my favorite beauty products, although not necessarily in this order.

L’Oréal Professionnel: Mythic Oil by Dilek Hanif


My hairdresser gave me this oil as a gift for graduation a few weeks ago. I personally love hair oil anyway, since my hair tends to be very dry, but this one is over the top, nurturing my hair deeply and lastingly. A combination of grape seed and avocado oil, it can be applied to dry or wet hair, immediately starting to moisturize it. Also, the bottle looks chic, the bracelet on the top giving it an oriental air.

Similar product available here

The Body Shop: Lip & Cheek Stain


This 8ml liquid blush and lipgloss from The Body Shop requires some practice and getting used to, but once you have it down, it becomes one of the most handy items in your beauty collection. Applied to your mouth, it brings out the natural color of your lips and thus makes any added lipstick much more forceful; applied to your jaw line, it gives your skin a refreshing glow. However, I had trouble getting used to it in the beginning. When working with it, you have to get it in the right position quickly, or it will start drying and leave you with unwanted stains on your face. There are two shades available: Rose Pink and Bronze Glimmer. I have the Rose Pink version, which is slightly more girly and youthful.

Available here

The Gnarly Whale: Hair Beach Waves, Thai Coconut


I have very curly hair myself, but the last time I shopped in Urban Outfitters, I couldn’t help but buy this bottle, which not only looks very cool, but is also completely vegan. It smells heavenly (very beachy) and works well when applied to wet hair. It’s incredibly cheap and lasts forever, so this one is definitely worth checking out!

Available here

TreacleMoon: One Ginger Morning Body Milk


I love TreacleMoon’s products – I have almost all of them – not just because of the cute German texts printed on them, but also because of their amazing smell. The One Ginger Morning is my favorite smell, but all of them make you feel like a princess. They’re all available in small sizes (60 ml), which make them your perfect traveling companion. Not to mention that they cost next to nothing.

Available here

Fabindia: Avocado Foot Cream


I love Fabindia’s beauty products anyway, but the foot cream is by far my favorite. I love avocados, which probably led me to buy it in the first place. It feels amazing on your skin, since it is very moisturizing and oily. It also smells amazing. You apply it by massaging it into your feet in the evening, after which it’s best to wear comfortable, fuzzy socks so that it can seal into your skin properly over night. The case it is in is also cute, with little sliced avocados and avocado seeds all over it.

Available in India here

Nivea: Wash Off Wash Gel


Nivea’s wash gel is incredibly strong, but at the same time very effective. I use it if I forget to remove my make up the night before or if I feel like I’m getting blemishes on my face. It scrubs off any dirt and purifies your face. It also smells quite pleasant, since it contains magnolia extract.

Available here

Fabindia: Wild Rose Moisturising Lotion


Another Fabinida product I love is the Wild Rose Moisturising Lotion. Wild rose is my favorite scent, so, considering, this cream is perfect for me. It hydrates your skin, making it soft and nice. The smell stays with you for hours, and just like the foot cream, this lotion is in fancy bottle with a red floral print matching the pink color of the lotion.

Available here

Baby Lips: Peach Kiss


A few months ago, Maybelline’s Baby Lips were the latest trend. Understandably, because they are one of the longest-lasting moisturizing lip balms I know, and next to that, they taste amazing. My favorite one is the Peach Kiss, since it tastes great. I love how Baby Lips give a everything a splash of color, especially if you have more than one of them. It also gives your lips a fun twist, adding a little bit of intensity or shine.

Available here

Osmo: Deep Moisturising Hair Repair


Osmo’s Deep Moisturising Hair Repair is easy and quick to apply and fixes your hair to certain extent. It’s not as useful as oil, but it prevents your hair from being damaged (further). I like it because it only takes a couple of seconds to spray into your hair. It contains extracts of ylang and patchouli. It strengthens your hair and gives it a bit of shine.

Available here

CD: Frische Deo, Granatapfel


The German brand CD creates deodorants without all the nasty ingredients that you don’t want to put on your skin. I’m not going to lie – I use a lot of “normal” deodorants, but I think it’s good to use some more natural products every once in a while. When I first bought it, I was worried it wouldn’t hold as long as others, but it works well, and the pomegranate smell is great. CD offers deodorants of many different smells, so there’s definitely one for everybody.

Available here

I hope you enjoyed this list. If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask. 


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