I have tried over and over again to start a blog, constantly failing after a few weeks and forgetting about the countless websites I have created under my name. So, recently, I decided to combine my many interests, which include art, fashion and beauty with writing about my personal life in the hope of pursuing this one a bit more seriously.

At this point, a short introduction of myself might be appropriate. I am 18 years old and just about to start my gap year, having graduated two days ago. I love traveling and spend my free time writing, reading and having adventures, however big or small. I practice yoga, play the guitar and dance salsa. Being very bohemian and flower-powery, I spend much of my time creating or enjoying art. Whether said art is visual or musical or anything else, I like to take part in it.

The possibility of discovering and learning a new form of writing is what pulls me to starting a blog. Tips and ideas are welcome, of course.

In the hope of making this one work, I will see you soon.



One thought on “Welcome

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I found your blog via a ‘like’ you attached to one of my comments elsewhere (thank you, by the way!), and I’m glad I wandered over here. You have a very nice writing style – you’re comfortable using your vocabulary, but not driven to show off with it – and I found myself enjoying posts of yours over topics I typically have little interest in (namely, beauty and fashion). For that reason, I’ll happily click the ‘follow’ button in a few moments, and look forward to future posts from you.

    If I were to offer any tip or advice for blogging, especially for someone who embraces the bohemian way of approaching things, I would suggest you resist the urge to lock yourself (and your blog) into a box. By this, I mean avoiding the temptation to ‘focus’ your blog on specific themes, based on what your readers seem the most interested in. This is a mistake I have made more than once – and regretted each time, as it’s at this point when a fun hobby and creative interest gets shackled to a format and routine. If the urge hasn’t already made itself known, it may well do so down the road – if so, just don’t lose sight of what made you want to blog in the first place 🙂

    Finally, congratulations on having graduated high school! You are at a point where you can really start to define yourself … I won’t offer the usual ‘the world is now at your feet’ cliche, but will instead say that the canvas of your life is now more fully yours to create upon. High school teachers – and even parents during this time – like to draw the lines for kids to color in, mainly offering praise for conformity to the lines and occasionally for unexpected choices in colors. Although life and fate will certainly guide some of your strokes, the canvas is now yours … this should be a good feeling, and I wish you all the best with it 🙂

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